Steps to Fix Error 0x800CCC79 in Outlook Express?

The error 0x800CCC79 in Outlook Express is primarily an SMTP authentication error which emerges in Outlook Express when users try and attempt to send/receive emails. This occurs due to the improper or no authentication of the user’s email and hence the outgoing SMTP server denies accepting user’s e-mail before sending any emails. And in that situation, the messages which users send can’t be sent because the receiver’s SMTP server denies accepting the email. That declined e-mail address will appear as ‘test@domain.com’ and hence the subject is shown as Subject ‘Re: Test’ your account. However, users need to contact the technical experts to solve this problem as it is a bit tricky and they will need the expert’s hand to solve this problem. So, reach them through outlook customer service number.

Follow the instructions to troubleshoot error 0x800CCC79 in Outlook express:

Step 1: Go to the outlook website, access your outlook account.

Step2:  To troubleshoot this error, users need to access their account settings. To do so, go to the tools and click on “accounts”.

Step3: After clicking on the account users need to tap on “Account selection” and then users will find a pop-up notification which is “internet accounts” from that select that particular account which is having this error and double-click on that account and then go to its properties. Find the server’s icon from where the authentication of your account would be done.

Step 4: After clicking on the server, users need to click on the option which is “My server requires authentication” which will be displayed in the server’s list and tick the check mark in front of the authentication option.

Step 5: Now users need to authenticate their email account.

Step 6: Users should now enter the “ok” button to start the authentication process.

Step 7: Log out of your account and reboot your device and then again access your account and try to send the email now.

For Microsoft outlook help rely on the technical experts of outlook.

If users are still having this error and they are not able to troubleshoot this error and they are really worried about the error which can hamper their work or they are not able to follow the steps or the worst the error still hasn’t troubleshot even after following the steps then get  help via Microsoft outlook help number.

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