How to fix Outlook error Code 3253 on MAC?

The technical and non-technical glitches are common to occur in the Outlook messenger. And Mac users also face many problems in the outlook messenger and one of the common errors they face is the error code 3253 in MAC Operating System. When this error occurs users are unable to send the emails via outlook but they receive emails from outlook account and this thing annoys them the most as they are not able to fathom what is happening and how they can tackle this problem you can also read how to fix outlook error 17983 and If the users want to deal with this problem without hampering their work and instantly then they can contact experts through outlook customer service number.

Causes and nature of error code 3253

The error occurs due to the network connection failure and due to the failure of connection to the server which results in the issue which restricts the users to send the emails.

  • This error can come if users have large sent large size of folders.
  • Mac system of outlook becomes incompatible or corrupted.
  • Information entered into internet email account is incorrect.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot the outlook error 3253 on MAC:

Step 1: Users need to check the type of the email account set up Mac outlook.

Step 2: To do so, click on file and go to info and then click on “account settings”.

Step 3: Now check the drop-down list to decipher the type of outlook account.

Step 4: Set up the email account in a new profile in outlook 2016.

Step 5: To do so, go to application folder and then click on show package content by right-clicking on the MS outlook.

Step 6: Now click on create the new profile and enter all the details.

Step 7: Now the new email account created by the users need to set up in the new outlook profile.

Step 8: Reboot your computer.

Want Microsoft outlook help instantly?

If users are still facing this outlook error in their Mac even after following the steps then they should immediately call the outlook experts who are available 24X7 through Microsoft outlook help number toll-free. Our experts provide the remote services for non-techies as well and users can reach them from anywhere to get the best possible solution for their problems and queries. Our experts deal with the problem through roots which prevent from facing the problem again.

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