How To Affix “Authentication Failed” Error In Gmail?

Gmail provides the best emailing interface to connect with people worldwide. Gmail has added various new features for its users to make their chat process a fun process. Gmail has launched hangout and new themes for its users and so that they do not get bored. But sometimes while accessing the Gmail account users get authentication errors and many more errors related to it. Users get this error while they try to add their Gmail account. And for some reason, the Gmail does not allow users to get connected with their account stops their access showing authentication error or  stuck in error 502.

The reasons of this error can be wrong email entered, the wrong password entered, the server is not correct or the system is not recognizing the server, in Gmail settings, the IMAP is not authenticated, the Gmail account has not been verified with the Google authenticated process and the verification 2-step has not been set up. Our Gmail tech Support 1-800-392-9127 team recommends following these given steps to troubleshoot this error.


Steps to troubleshoot the authentication error:

Step 1: Ensure that you have an accurate server and port number.
Step 2: Users also should double check that they haven’t entered the wrong values.
Step 3: Also, see that the IMAP is verified with your Google account or not.
Step 4: Go to “Google’s Guide” to check that your IMAP server is verified or not.
Step 5: Setup the 2-way verification in your Gmail account.
Step 6: Go to settings then click on general settings and you will find the 2-step verification process enable that.
Step 7: Sync the software with the Gmail account.
Step 8: Users have to sync the software as Google security requires to filter the users and spam messages.
Step 9: Authenticate to Appitvo and enter your details correctly, and users will get an authentication email from Appitvo and they will be able to access their account.

If this authentication error is still showing on the computer screen even after following the above steps then you can contact Gmail experts to solve these issues which are common and annoy users. Just dial Gmail customer service number 1-888-701-0007 for expert’s advice. Users can dial our toll-free and they can call us from anywhere in the world and our experts will provide solutions to all your problems within minutes and in just a call. Users need not get hesitated as our team is user-friendly.


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