Dial Bitdefender Support Number To Upgrade From Older Version To Bitdefender 2018

There are many antivirus presents in the market today but Bitdefender provides the best security among others as it always provides the new updates for its antivirus so that the users get the best and total protection from new spam and malicious codes. If you do not upgrade your antivirus then it is possible that the versions you are using only detects the older version of virus and malicious codes but as the technology is advancing the new kind of Trojan and malicious codes are increasing day by day hence you are under constant threat of being attacked by these viruses. So it is necessary that you should upgrade from your Bitdefender 2016, 2017 and other older versions to the latest one which is Bitdefender 2018. Also, you will notice that you are getting fewer compatibility errors and other issues which previously were there in your antivirus after upgrading your antivirus to the latest version. If you are having difficulty while upgrading the application then you should get Support for Bitdefender Antivirus from the experts otherwise you can also follow the steps to upgrade it.


Steps to follow to upgrade the application

  • If you are using the 2017 version of the antivirus then firstly shutdown your computer and restart your windows with the administrative rights.
  • Then you have to browse through the official website and then go to its central and then download the latest installation files of the application.
  • The file which you will download from the website will automatically remove the 2017 installation from your system and will replace the software with the latest version which is 2018.
  • After downloading the file you have to restart the system and then click on the prompt which will appear as “install the updates”.
  • The installation will start and after it completes click on it to start the program.
  • After that a new window will appear and there you have to click “finish” and you are ready to go with the antivirus.
  • If you are using Bitdefender 2016 version, then follow the 1 step which mentioned above and then download the installation file from the central after going to the official website and run the file.
  • And similarly the program will automatically uninstall the previous version and will install 2018 version, after that restart your computer.
  • Then click on the pop-up to install the updates properly and click on finish and you are ready to use the new version.
  • If in case the older version does not uninstalls on its own then you should take Bitdefender Technical Support from the experts so that it does not result in compatibility errors and issues.

Bitdefender Customer Support to upgrade the antivirus

If you are still not able to upgrade the application through manual steps then contact the experts via Bitdefender Customer Support number toll-free.


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